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Very Small Group Size

Very Small Group Size An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

Smaller is better when it comes to touring.  We provide a most enjoyable and personal experience by strictly limiting the size of our tours to just 12, the smallest group size in the industry.  You never feel like youre following a crowd.

A very small group waiting for the boat on Lake Como

When your escort or a local guide is showing you around a famous historic site, you will be able to see and hear everything.  When you want to ask a question or communicate with a local personality, we will be able to interpret and facilitate the conversation for you.

Our small group size lets you experience not only the larger well known sites in a more personal way but youll also come into contact with the many smaller, charming and alluring spaces too. 

Lake Como
Small group size provides fine dining opportunities in Europe Youll feel the magical ambiance of narrow medieval streets, an ancient fountain in an old courtyard, a tiny stone chapel, a small wine makers cellar or the wonderfully scenic terrace of a diminutive restaurant.

Our small group size lets us stay in exquisite castles and charming character hotels and enjoy the finest restaurants, and intimate cafs.  This essential difference maximizes your daily enjoyment and cultural experience.  Large tour bus groups of 50 or 60 people are severely limited to visiting high volume establishments.