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The Problem Touring Europe

The Problem with the Independent Tour Approach

So, you would like to personally experience the richness of Europe but dont want to go it alone, considering all the hassles of conducting research, planning itineraries, securing overseas reservations, and organizing every detail.  Followed by the reality of braving the daily challenges of making your own way through a foreign country with its different language, laws, customs, and currency.  Who wants all that hassle and headache?

The Problem with the Escorted Bus Tour Approach

Imagine traveling with 50-60 strangers in a big motor coach on a tight schedule, enduring long cross country or worse, cross continent bus rides with only enough time for a handful of brief site visits.  Always following a crowd, herded from one place to the next virtually everywhere you go.  A different basic tower block hotel each night, tourist style group dining.  Now thats not how you want to travel either.

The Touring Europe Solution


SPLENDORS OF EUROPE has successfully solved these problems with an elegant and civilized, hassle free travel experience that puts the travelers enjoyment above all other considerations.

SPLENDORS OF EUROPE are superior by design.  Group size is limited to a maximum of just 12! The small group size allows the best chateau style and historic character hotel accommodations to be reserved.  Dining is enjoyed at intimate fine gourmet restaurants in charming settings at a table for two.

Travel time is minimized with sensibly paced itineraries covering only one or two adjacent regions per week.  We usually spend three nights at a destination and longer when visiting a large city. Less time is spent traveling and packing.  More time is spent at leisure, visiting fascinating sites, and personally experiencing the culture first hand.

With SPLENDORS OF EUROPE you have the freedom to choose between being escorted by your host guides or enjoying independent self discovery, knowing your host guides are there when you need them.  Either way youll receive friendly individualized attention throughout your tour with the best guest to escort ratio in the industry!

The SPLENDORS OF EUROPE travel experience accentuates charm, beauty, and cultural authenticity.  These in-depth tours provide an enriching life experience and offer the opportunity for you to discover the soul of your chosen region.  You will personally encounter the richness of the architecture, history, cuisine, landscape, and people... all the unique qualities that make each of our destinations so special.

Superior escorted tours are provided in comfort and style to the very best destinations in FRANCE, SWITZERLAND and NORTHERN ITALY.