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Personalized Attention

An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

Our very small group size lets us provide personalized attention to all our guests.   We learn your name and get to know you.  We communicate on an individual basis, just like your friendly European aunt or uncle would.  With two escorts on each tour, we have the highest escort to guest ratio in the industry, 1:6.  We make sure that everyoneĺs needs are addressed and that everyone has a good time.   Expect to make friends while on our tour.


Friendly Expert American and European Hosts and Escorts An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

Our escorts are very knowledgeable, and are experts in both American and European culture. Each has lived in both Europe and the US, and each has first hand knowledge of the regions and sites we visit.  They provide a good perspective and greatly increase your insight into the European cultures.  Our escorts are fluent in up to 5 languages and they all speak fluent American English.  As you interact with the local personalities, we're there to facilitate the conversation.


Your Hosts and Escorts in Europe

Isabelle is a linguist fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, and conversant in Italian.   Born in France, the daughter of a Burgundy wine maker, Isabelle is an expert on French culture.  Isabelle has lived in the US for seven years, so she knows America too.

Carl, an American, was born in the US and is both a US and European citizen.   He has lived in the US and France.  In France, Carl has lived in La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast, and in Puligny-Montrachet, a wine village in Burgundy.

Carl and Isabelle enjoy traveling through Europe.  Carl and Isabelle would entertain friends and family that would visit them from America.  They would take them to their favorite places throughout France, the Alps, and the Mediterranean.  Everyone just loved these trips and destinations as much as we did.  "This was the best trip I ever had", became a comment heard repeatedly.

SPLENDORS OF EUROPE was born out of these experiences.  Carl and Isabelle continue to take guests to their favorite destinations throughout France, Switzerland, and Italy.  They have extensive first hand knowledge of these destinations and each tour experience is carefully designed so that you too will "have the best trip you ever had".  Welcome to SPLENDORS OF EUROPE.

Carl and Isabelle Frauenpreis