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More Reasons to Travel With Us

1 Specialists in Europe An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

SPLENDORS OF EUROPE is the expert in escorted travel in selected parts of Western Europe. We know the local cultures in depth, and are well prepared to show it to you.  We dont attempt to be experts everywhere.

2. Detailed Itineraries An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

We provide the most detailed itineraries in the industry.   We feel that you should know how you will be spending your valuable vacation time.  You should know what sites you will actually be visiting, the hotels where you will be staying, and the restaurants where you will be dining.   Many tour operators just dont tell you.

3. Itineraries designed by experts An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

Each days itinerary is carefully designed by experts with first hand knowledge of the location, your escorts.  This assures each day your tour will be a success.   While this is the obvious best approach, many tour operators have someone back in their home office design their tours.

4. Convenient weekly vacation fit An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

We have organized our tours so they fit conveniently into a weekly vacation pattern.   A Saturday departure and a Sunday return maximizes the number of days you spend in Europe while minimizing the number of precious vacation days you need to use.   Also you can always extend your stay.

5. Extended Stays and Consecutive Tours An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

You may elect to extend your stay by arriving before or departing after your tour.   No problem just let us know.   Our office is available to assist you booking any additional travel arrangements you may require.   We can book you in the same hotel as the tour if you wish. Naturally, expenses in Europe on days not included in your tour will be at your expense.

You can also extend your stay by taking consecutive tours.  Look at the annual tour schedule to determine which tour is available immediately before or after any tour.   We include your transfers and flights if required between any two consecutive SPLENDORS OF EUROPE tours and you will receive a discount when you book multiple tours.

6. Airline Flexibility

You have complete freedom to choose any airline and departure point that works best for you.  You also have complete freedom with how you purchase your airline tickets.  You can use an online service, your local travel agency, and our office which is always ready to assist you.

7. Shopping

We know that you may want to buy that special item or gift while in one of our famous destinations.   We take you on shopping trips to the best shops and stores, and help you find what you are looking for.   It's  another advantage of small groups.

8. Evening Entertainment An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

Each evening your escorts are available to assist you with information about local evening entertainment opportunities you may wish to consider.

9. Currency Exchange Service An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

As a convenience to our guests, your escorts can exchange Euros for US Dollars in $100 increments.  SPLENDORS OF EUROPE does this strictly as a time saving convenience for everyone on the tour.  SPLENDORS OF EUROPE does not charge any commission or fee for this service and extends the same rate to you it received from its bank.   You may call before departure to get the current exchange rate.

10. Travel Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance, medical insurance and baggage insurance are available on all tours. Quotes available.

11. UNESCO World Heritage Sites (WHS) An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) seeks international recognition, protection and preservation of important cultural and natural heritage sites of outstanding value to humanity.  These sites represent some of the worlds most significant cultural and natural treasures.   UNESCO has designated these extraordinary sites around the word as World Heritage Sites.

SPLENDORS OF EUROPE proudly supports UNESCOs mission to preserve and protect these extraordinary sites so future generations will enjoy them too.  By joining a SPLENDORS OF EUROPE tour, you will support the efforts of this important organization.  SPLENDORS OF EUROPE makes a financial contribution to the UNESCO World Heritage Fund for each tour sold.

SPLENDORS OF EUROPE visits World Heritage Sites on most tours.  You will find them identified with a "WHS" in the tour itinerary.  You can obtain more information about UNESCO and the World Heritage Sites by visiting their web site on the internet at www.unesco.org/whc/.

12. Great Value An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

Small groups, gourmet dinning, deluxe character hotels, more in-depth site visits than anyone, authentic cultural experiences, expert guides, hassle free travel and personal attention all add up to the best value in the industry.

13. Universal Appeal

Since our tours are fascinating, romantic, educational, and fun, they appeal to everyone... singles, couples, honeymooners, small groups, and mature travelers.

14. Group Discounts and Multi-tour Discounts An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

Group discounts for 6 or more persons and multi-tour discounts can add up to big savings.  Take an extra 5% off the lowest price if either of these discounts apply to your booking.

15. Private Group Service Available An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

We also offer exclusive private tours for groups up to 12.  Many family parties, clubs and groups have chosen to tour Europe on a private basis.  Choose any one of our itineraries.  We can modify the itinerary if desired.  Contact us with your request.


We recommend that you obtain brochures from several tour operators, and evaluate your tour choices.  Carefully read the itineraries, and consider how you will be spending your time.  Look at how many site visits are actually included.  Think about how the group size and the amount of traveling will impact your enjoyment.  Then consider the type of hotel accommodations, and the dining experiences that are included.  Finally consider how personally rewarding your experience will be.  Compare with the detailed information in our tour brochure.  Were confident youll prefer to travel with us.