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In-Depth Cultural Experiences

Comfortable pace with more time for visits and enjoying cultural experiences.  An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

SPLENDORS OF EUROPE tours are carefully designed to maximize your cultural enjoyment, and minimize the strain of traveling. Cultural experiences We provide in-depth cultural experiences daily at a comfortable pace.



With SPLENDORS OF EUROPE you actually visit the sites listed in the itinerary.  Believe it or not, some tour operators list "drive bys" and brief "photo stops" of famous sites in their itinerary but dont take you inside!





Concert photo credit Kur- und Verkehrsverein, St. Moritz


We only list sites we actually visit.  Our regional approach to tour design, use of high speed trains, and Wine tastinglimited hotel changes greatly reduces travel time and travel strain.  Our advanced reservations and ticket purchases also save you time and trouble avoiding the need to wait in long lines, and admission to all sites on our itineraries is always included

escorted walking tours




These important differences maximize the opportunity for you to enjoy the culture, the charm, the character, the people, and all the unique qualities that make our destinations so special.

Site Visits With GuidesChateau tours



With the help of our escorts and local guides, you will personally explore grand palaces, impressive castles, famous chteaux, charming medieval towns, fabulous museums and scenic vistas.  We show you around the most interesting and famous aspects of each site.  Some sites are better enjoyed with a local expert guide.  When we utilize a local guide, their services are included.  If you choose, you may explore most sites unescorted on your own




Chateau Photo Credit Tim Sackton


The Grand and the Petite Tour palaces and chateau

Of course you will visit the truly grand and famous sites of each region.  Youll be impressed.  But thats not all.  We have carefully planned each itinerary so you will also personally visit locations that epitomize the unique character and flavor of each region. 

We visit the small, peaceful and charming venues not frequented by tourists.  You will spend tranquil time in serene settings savoring the ambiance and satisfying your soul.  Youll feel the history and youll feel what its like to live there.

tour wine villages








    Rich Cultural ExperiencesIn-depth cultural experiences



On a SPLENDORS OF EUROPE tour, youll experience the local culture first hand, up close and personal.  You will meet resident experts and with the help of your escorts, engage in interesting discussions.  Depending on the tour, you will meet talented artists, wood carvers, pottery makers, stone carvers, wine makers, barrel makers, violin makers, historians, curators, chateaux owners, chefs and balloon pilots. 
In-depth cultural experiences



Its these personal experiences that youll cherish more than any other.  Touring with us, you wont experience Europe through a bus window.
English Only Commentary

Our friendly escorts personally communicate with you in clear English.   Our comments are not some canned monologue lecture but a very friendly interactive discussion as our small group size lets you ask questions and personally interact with your escorts.   We dont overload you with academic facts and figures about each site either.   Well explain the significance and the highlights in a way that makes the visit more interesting.  When a site offers a portable prerecorded audio device, we include it with your admission.

Balance of Natural and Man Made Splendor

Escorted tour of the Alps

Weve designed our tours to provide contrast and balance between the magnificence of Mother Nature, and the elegance of mans creations. fine gourmet dining



We visit the regions most attractive gardens, lakes, and mountains as well as the most exciting monuments, architecture, art, and restaurants.





fine art and a view of Lake Como Italy




We think youll agree that each SPLENDORS OF EUROPE tour is a masterpiece of design and execution.