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Freedom and Flexibility

An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

On a SPLENDORS OF EUROPE tour, you dont feel like youre on a tour.  There is no tour bus, no tourist hotels, no large cafeteria dining and no crowd to follow. You feel as though you are traveling with a small group of friends because in fact you are.



Also SPLENDORS OF EUROPE tours are not rigid and regimented like many of the large tours.  No 6:00 am wake up calls for us.  On a SPLENDORS OF EUROPE tour you choose when and how much you want to participate with the group each day.  You have the freedom to luxuriate at the hotel, self explore the local area, or participate with the small group on the days planned sightseeing excursions.  Relax, explore, or join the small group.  Each day the choice is yours.

Even though our groups are small and friendly, we realize that you may prefer to spend time alone.  Traveling with us, you will have the self assured feeling of an independent traveler and comfort in the knowledge your tour escorts are close by.  Our hosts carry cell phones so even if your exploring independently, assistance is never more than a phone call away.

Dining seating is flexible.  You can enjoy a romantic table for two, sit with your friendly escorts, or together as a group. In the evening your escorts will help you locate entertainment alternatives in the area.  You choose where you go and what you do.