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First Class Train and Lake Steamer Travel,

not Bus Travel

An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

With SPLENDORS OF EUROPE, you always travel in style and comfort.  France and Switzerland have the worlds best train and steamer transportation services.  Depending on your tour, youll travel by high speed TGV train, panoramic train or luxury lake steamer. On board dining



Train and steamer travel is by far the most comfortable, safest, and scenic way to tour Europe.  Relax and dine while you travel. You can get up and walk around and whether traveling by train or steamer, youll always travel in first class.
First class transportation



We avoid the long distance bus travel experience common to most European tour packages. Our regional approach to tour design reduces the distances we need to travel.  Combined with our use of high speed train service, travel time is greatly reduced to only a few hours per week.  Many other tour operators require enduring 20-26 hours of bus riding, on a one week tour!
Fine on board dining on the lake steamers of Switzerland



Many other tour operators put you in a different hotel nearly every night so youre always packing and unpacking.  On our tours you typically spend three to seven nights in one hotel. This gives you more time to personally experience the region you came to see.  Youll spend your vacation time enjoying your fascinating destination, not packing and bus riding.
The panoramic Glacier Express train in Switzerland



Your need to tote your luggage will be limited.  We move less frequently than most tours and our 4 star hotel accommodations include portage service to and from your room.  Loading and unloading of your luggage from vehicles such as taxis is also included.

high speed luxury on the French TGV train




In Europe, luggage carts are available at the airports. When traveling by train or boat, however, portage service may not always available at the train station or port.  While we help you with the boarding process, it will become necessary for you to handle your own luggage at the train station or port on some tours.