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Fine Dining

An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

You will personally experience the legendary pleasures of fine European dining.  Delicious regional cuisine prepared by culinary geniuses is a part of the pleasurable cultural experience that you wont want to miss.

Outstanding restaurants have been carefully selected for their specialties prepared by uncompromising award winning chefs. Meals are enjoyed in a delightful ambiance.  Service is professional and pleasant.  Youll discover why we are known as the "Gourmet Tour".

Fine dining at Le Train Blue in Paris

Train Blue, Paris

We feature elegant multi-course gourmet dinners.  On our tours, you choose what you want from the menu.  Soft drinks, mineral water, coffee, and dessert are always included.  If you wish, you may dine privately at a table for two, with your escorts or with the group. When dining at the hotel, you may also dine in your room at no additional charge, subject to availability.

On the gourmet tour

We include most of your meals so youll experience the high cuisine our destinations offer but we also provide you the opportunity to try some of your own restaurant choices.  On the few days we dont include lunch or dinner, your escorts are always ready to offer advice about the many wonderful restaurant choices in the area.  You may chose to exercise your independence and dine on your own however you are always welcome to join your escorts. We use the letters "B," "L," and "D" in the itineraries to show which meals are included each day.

See our "Gallery of Restaurants" at the end of each tour itinerary for restaurant pictures. 

Fine gourmet dining on the French RivieraGourmet Lunches An exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

Lunches are delightful and memorable too.  We include delicious restaurant lunches in beautiful settings, often outside on scenic terraces.  Beverages and dessert is included.  Some lunches are at award winning restaurants.  We select restaurants that exemplify the charm and character of the area.



Les Vieux Murs, Antibes


Breakfast is included each morning, with a discussion about the days activities.  Breakfast in France tends to be simple but delicious.  Buffet or continental breakfasts are typical, however more hotels are now offering full American breakfasts.  The type of breakfast varies depending on the hotel.  Breakfast in your room is available in most hotels. Fine dining on Lake ComoAn exclusive feature of Splendors of Europe

Fine dining in St Moritz

     Fine dining, St. Moritz                                                                                                                                      Terrace dining, Lake Como

    Photograph by Emanuel Ammon, Kur- und Verkehrsverein St. Moritz

Light Meal Plan Option

The light meal plan is the same as the full meal plan described above except the light meal plan does not include dinner.   Under the light meal plan, the dinner venue is chosen by and paid for by you.   Of course you are still welcome to join your hosts at dinner if you choose, and if you do, you will receive the same level of service as full meal plan guests.

The light meal plan offers freedom of choice of dining venue.  Formal or casual, grand or petit, you are free to decide on your own restaurant choices, and your hosts can help with a recommendation.  Most European restaurants post their menus outside.  Choosing a restaurant by previewing its menu and sampling its ambiance is an enjoyable evening experience in Europe.